Following Values Over Profit

Following Values Over Profit


 Before diving into our sustainability-focused newsletter, we wanted to remind everyone that building a sustainable life is a journey. It’s a lot of decisions (big and small) made daily, weekly, yearly, over a lifetime. What we want is a discussion about how to take care of our planet and ourselves grounded in kindness. What we don’t want is to raise anxiety by making anyone feel like one more thing was just added to their to-do list. Let’s all breathe into this and spend some time thinking about ways we can take action in our lives that will lead to a positive impact. xx Devin, Editor, & Tia, Founder of The Gazette

Meet Salt + Umber
The small batch shoe company doing things the right way.

We talked to Susie Bergquist who founded Salt + Umber after years of working in the mass market footwear industry. She's following her values, rather than speed and profit above all else, to make shoes that are beautiful, accessible, and sustainable.

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