About Us

Eco Luxury For All

Everything from the salt+umber collection is handcrafted, targeting the eco-conscious consumer who appreciates quality and accessibility. We use small-batch, sustainable manufacturing processes, and do not use large machinery to produce our shoes. Recycled materials are used whenever possible, including our boxes and hangtags. On our most recent round of production, we have decided to skip the box altogether, reducing not only the paper waste but creating a smaller shipping container, in turn, cutting back on our carbon footprint by about 50%. When possible, our leather is vegetable tanned, which reduces the number of chemicals being used. This process may result in unique color variations, making each style one-of-a-kind. The leather will get more supple and vintage looking with each wear.

Empowerment + Opportunity

The salt+umber brand supports female entrepreneurship, small businesses and local artists. Many of the artisans that create these unique woven sandals are small business women located in rural villages in India. These women are provided micro-loans which deliver economic empowerment to women whom would not normally be allowed to work, given the social structure of their home life. Through these opportunities, the women are able to form communities, share stories, learn from each-other and reduce inequality within their homes and culture.


After a decade in the mass-market footwear industry, seeing the destruction caused to mother nature by the shoe-manufacturing process and unethical supply chains, Susie decided to make a drastic change in her career. By thinking outside the box, focusing on creating unique styles, finding diversity in manufacturing, and promoting ethical and sustainable practices, she hopes to enlighten the consumer with the “story behind each pair”.

"A Story Behind Every Pair" Program

The “story behind every pair” program was created by salt+umber to directly give back to it's supply chain, in particularly the female artisans who hand weave salt+umber shoes and handbags. A portion of every purchase from salt+umber is donated back to this program, which was created by salt+umber in January 2021, and works directly with their factory in Mumbai India, to give back to the people who make each and every pair of salt+umber shoes. The goal of this program is to provide workers with a sense of economic freedom, and to provide women with a sense of empowerment and belonging in the workforce, by providing them with a variety of products that are relevant to the regional needs and current events. The “story behind every pair” program started in January 2021, and plans to give back on a quarterly basis. In January 2021 they donated 2,200 meals, and in April they will be providing women with feminine health packs. 


What is the significance of our name, salt+umber?  The name Salt+Umber embodies our brand DNA and evokes thoughts of natural minerals from the earth that inspire so many of our designs. We have always been motivated by the sea and the idea of how a body of water can bind and connect our cultures. Salt, a natural mineral found in the ocean is known to be essential to life. Umber can be defined as a natural brown or reddish-brown earth pigment that contains iron oxide and manganese oxide. The colors and textures of land and sea are key components of our creative process – and two simple elements of the world that link us all.


Want to learn more about what we are doing to ensure ethical and sustainable manufacturing across our entire supply chain? We hoped you would!

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