Sustainable Spring Essentials

Sustainable Spring Essentials

18 Sustainable Fashion Brands
We’re Shopping for Our Spring Essentials

By Fab Fit Fun 

According to a 2020 article published in the peer-reviewed sustainability journal, the fashion industry is traditionally characterized by high water consumption, high discharge of hazardous chemicals, and bigger greenhouse gas emissions. Luckily, the growing emergence of sustainable fashion brands has had such a positive impact on the fashion industry!
If you’re looking to make your closet a lot greener, ahead we rounded up some sustainable fashion brands that do their part to cut back on waste, and will surely help get your spring wardrobe in amazing shape.
From spring-ready footwear to delightful handbags, below are timeless 18 essentials you’ll wear again and again.

Salt + Umber Sunny Vegan Rope Slide in Multi-Rainbow $98

All shoes from this brand (slides included!) are handmade with minimal machinery, reducing carbon footprint as a result. Recycled materials are also incorporated in the shoe design and production process, including boxes and hangtags.


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